Causes of Clogs in Drains and What You Can Do About it

You might have been experiencing some clogs in your drains at home from time to time and you are somewhat ignoring the problem thinking it is a normal thing that won’t lead to further issues however you are so wrong! Drains that clog from time to time can eventually lead to bigger issues than you think. Drains that that are clogged eventually slows down drainage of water in your home and can cause possible corrosion or flooding. In worse cases, backup of your sewage may happen and you don’t want that! 

So, what are some ways in order to prevent your drains from clogging? 

  1. Guard your drains from hair: A normal person has a normal range of 50 to 100 hair fall every day and that is if you live alone. However, if you live with your family of 5, then that’s a lot of hair! Hair is a huge cause of clogging your drains because it can collaborate with other substances that goes into your drains. In order to avoid clogging, it is always best to put guards on your drains so you can prevent hairs from going into your drains. 
  1. Soap: Lathering soap in your body not only cleans but also gives a good stress relief. However not all soaps get rid of your stress because some soaps are meant to clog your pipes! Soaps that are made of fat combine with the minerals found in the water and leads to leaving a soap scum or a residue from our soap in your drains. This leads to clogging your pipes. One way to avoid this is through opting for a soap free cleanser as an option! Your pipes and your skin will thank you along the way! 
  1. Food Waste: Enough with your bathroom, now let’s go to your sink! Sometimes the plates you have on your sink goes into your pipes. So, what can you do about this? One way to solve this problem is through having a disposal for those food waste and maybe make a compost pit in your backyard. You are not only making sure your drains won’t clog, you are also helping the environment through composting.  
  1. Toilet Paper: Are you using too much toilet paper and flushing it down your toilet? You are not doing it right! If you cannot let go of toilet paper just yet, always opt for throwing it in a trash bin not flush it down your toilet! 
  1. Mineral: Your water may have a lot of minerals in it and this can cause your pipes to narrow due to build up. If you have been having this problem, make sure to invest in a softener. This will help in reducing as much mineral build up as possible. However, if it does not do the trick for you, then you can always call for an expert’s help in getting rid of mineral build up in your pipes. 

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