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The 8 featured flutes below are typically always in stock and ready to go.
The Plastic flute and the Peoples flute (key of A or G ) are new offerings.
( please email or call to order these)
The other 5 featured flutes have a thumbnail below to order.

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Top to bottom:
 Standard 21"-$85.00
Key of A
 Eagle Backpacker
22"-$85.00 keys:A,G,F#(pictured)
 Standard 24"-$120.00
Keys:A,F#,F and G(pictured)
 Deluxe 26" $150.00
 Crow 26" - $185.00
Keys:A,G,F#, F(pictured)        

Featured Flutes available now

Backpacker 22"
Eagle Block
Standard Flutes 21"
Cedar Block
Standard Flutes 24"
Cedar Block
Deluxe 26"
Deer Block
Crow 26"
Crow Block


The Custom Flutes

made to your special order (2 to 4 weeks delivery)

Custom Flutes created by Rick Heller

These photos show you the types of styles of Native American flute you can order or customize. As you can see, there is a wide range of possibilities since all the components can be mixed or matched for your own unique hand crafted flute.Each flute is a work of art created by me, Rick Heller, in my workshop. This makes each one a unique item. The flutes are carefully tuned with an electronic tuner, making sure your flute will be on key if you want to play with other musicians.It may or may not affect the price when you customize your Native American style flute - it all depends on how wild you want to get. I can customize the colors, type of wood used, carving and whistle block for each flute.The flutes in these photos may or may not be available immediately, so please call to find out if the flute you want is in stock if time is important to you. If the flute you want is not in stock, I can give you an estimate on how long it will take for me to create the flute style with components you choose. Click the photos-- see the details


Wood Duck flute
Wood Duck
Wood Duck Block
Walnut Loon
Loon Block
Deluxe Walnut
Twin Sisters
walnut cord wrapped
Walnut Twin Sisters Cord Wrapped

Easy Reach
Deluxe Cedar
Twin Sisters
Pileated Woodpecker
Woodpecker blk
Eagle Head
Twin Sisters
Eagle Head
Twin Sisters
Blue Heron
Heron Block

Trumpeter Swan
Swan Block
Drone Cedar
Dove Blocks
Kingfisher Block

Blue Heron
Blue Heron
Tapered Walnut
Horse Block
see details

The Seven ringed Crow $120.00

Wholesale inquiries welcome.
Feel free to call me at:
if you have questions or would like to hear the flutes played.

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Please contact me for custom work or if you have any questions.
If you give me your phone number, I will gladly give you a call.
Or e-mail me.

Rick Heller
Beech Creek Studio
HC 33, Box 57
Pettigrew, Arkansas (AR) 72752
(870) 861-5585

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